HEC-RAS Training Series (OS-21-12-028)

On-demand: Sediment Transport with HEC-RAS (OD-21-2-015)

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  • Pre-course preparation
  • Introduction
  • Download Software & Pre-Course Readings
  • Pre-Course Survey
  • Watch previous webinars
  • part one
  • 01-Introduction: Folder Management and Tutorial Model Review
  • 02-Introduction to flume project
  • 03-Enter sediment data
  • 04-Enter Quasi-unsteady flow data
  • 05-Compute Quasi-unsteady Sediment Transport Simulation
  • 06-Evaluate the Outputs
  • 07-Help-menus-resources
  • 08-Introduction to Glen Helen Project
  • 09-Enter Sediment-Data
  • 10-Enter Bed Change Options | Quasi Unsteady Data
  • 11-Run model and homework
  • Mid-Course Exercise
  • part two
  • 12-Session Introduction
  • 13-What's new in 1D sediment transport?
  • 14-Introduction to Synthetic Reservoir Project
  • 15-Enter Quasi-unsteady flow data and view results
  • 16-Unsteady flow and create hydrograph
  • 17-Run unsteady flow simulation, troubleshoot and view results
  • 18-Run 2D example with no sediment- to check hydraulics
  • 19-Enter data for 2D example sediment
  • 20-Run 2D Unsteady Flow and view options: Transport Methods & Bed Mixing Options
  • 21-View bed change results in RAS-Mapper
  • 22-Create single bed gradation polygon
  • 23-Additional-resources
  • 24-View Results
  • Exercise
  • part three
  • 25-Session Introduction
  • 26-Bald Eagle Creek Example- SA to 2D Connection
  • 27-New geometry with 2D only
  • 28-Review and Run unsteady flow analysis
  • 29-2D sediment run
  • 30-Discussion on transport function methods
  • 31-View 2D sediment results
  • 32-What's new in HEC-RAS 6.1 for 2D Sediment Transport
  • 33-Run Mud & Debris flow & view results
  • 34-Questions and Course wrap-up
  • post course
  • Final Feedback
  • Final Exercises
  • Quiz (complete to receive certificate)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever