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Dam Breach Modelling with HEC RAS Oct-Nov 2020 (dam_breach#3)

3x2hr live and interactive sessions over 3 weeks
- Thursday, 29 October, 10:00am (Sydney Time)
- Thursday, 5 November, 10:00am (Sydney Time)
- Thursday, 12 November, 10.00am (Sydney Time)
- Includes up to one hour of optional one-on-one screen-sharing time with the instructor to assist with troubleshooting or to set up or optimise your own project model.

Full course details can be found here:

Topics covered include:
- 1D vs 2D vs 3D theory for dam breach
- Level pool vs. dynamic reservoir drawdown
- Adding a dam as a 1D reach or inline structure
- Selecting dam breach parameters
- Setting up and running a dam breach model
- Diagnosing and troubleshooting a dam breach model
- Model calibration and sensitivities
- Exporting inundation and flood wave arrival results

Requirements: A good internet connection and the latest version of HEC-RAS. Please note: HEC-RAS Version 5.0.4 and newer will only run on 64-bit Windows operating Systems (including 64-bit versions of Window 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10). Make sure your operating system is up-to-date with all Microsoft patches for your version, before trying to install HEC-RAS.
  • 1. Introduction & Download Software
  • 2. Pre-Course Survey
  • 3. Watch the required Webinar, background readings & other Recordings
  • 4. Live Session 1 (29th Oct, 10.00-12.00pm, Sydney time)
  • 5. Day-One Session Survey
  • 6. Exercise
  • 7. Exercise Comments/Questions
  • 8. Live Session 2 (5th Nov, 10.00-12.00pm, Sydney time)
  • 9. Day-Two Session Survey
  • 10. Live Session 3 (12th Nov, 10.00-12.00pm, Sydney time)
  • 11. Final Feedback
  • 12. Quiz (complete to receive certificate)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever